The laundry with Vescarte

Follow the next steps to wash your Vescarte products correctly. The steps become

further explained below.

Prepare laundry
Sort laundry
Determine if a prewash is required
Choose the right program
Take care of a good load
Take the laundry out of the machine to dry immediately after finishing
Prepare the laundry

empty all pockets with our Vescarte hoodies
turn Vescarte sweaters, t-shirts inside out before washing
ties strings together. This prevents damage to the washing machine and other laundry
Sort the laundry according to the washing symbols

Sorting is of course extremely important, read the label in your Vescarte clothing for this. Here you can read which textile type(s) our garment is made of. In addition, washing symbols show whether and how our clothes can be washed.

Machine wash: determine if a prewash is necessary

If your washing contains several items that are very dirty, you can let the washing machine run a prewash. You can also apply a stain remover or some extra (liquid) detergent to difficult stains, or you can add a detergent booster.

Choose the right washing program for your machine wash

The choice of washing program depends of course on the sorting of the laundry (see step 2). Follow the washing symbols in the care label of our textiles.

Dose the detergent according to the instructions for use

The packaging of detergents always states how much you should add. You measure the right amount of detergent and put it in the rinse compartment.

Let it dry immediately after the wash cycle

You remove the wet laundry from the washing machine immediately after the program has ended. You can hang the laundry on a rack or clothesline to dry, or use a tumble dryer. Then take a good look at the label: the drying symbol (see washing symbols) indicates whether your Vescarte garment can be tumble-dried, and at what temperature. You can also remove the laundry immediately after a drying program. This prevents wrinkling.

The Vescarte Team wishes you a lot of wearing pleasure. At Vescarte we want to offer good service both before and after your purchase from us. If you have any questions about this blog, our products or anything else. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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